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Welcome to Lone Wolf Recovery, LLC

Welcome to Lone Wolf Recovery, LLC

Welcome to Lone Wolf Recovery, LLCWelcome to Lone Wolf Recovery, LLC

Wolf Pack



Once you complete one of our programs we do not say goodbye. We encourage clients to stay in touch, to visit and to participate in meetings and events with other members of the Wolf Pack.


A Safe Environment

One on the most common statements we here from our clients is how comfortable they felt while here. We strive to provide personal touches and a non-clinical feel. You are definitely not a number here. Personal attention and smaller groups are available.


Caring and Understanding

Clients find our staff members kind and understanding. We have all made mistakes and been through trials, so we know how hard it is to overcome the obstacles in your way, but we and many others have been successful and we can help you to be successful as well.


Former Clients

A former client shared,

If you ever wonder if you could be happy without drugs or alcohol.  I got great news. You can. There was a time when I couldn't picture my life without it. I thought life would be boring and no fun. I thought it would take away my identity and I wouldn't be able to be myself. I tell you what, when I started working my steps I began to love myself again. I began to feel a sense of freedom again. I become comfortable in my own skin again. I get to be my still crazy, goofy self. I'm just as crazy and goofy as I ever was. But now I have my morals back. I'm a man of my word. I show up to work each day and hold a job. I'm trust worthy again. I'm the person I was meant to be and I am always trying to grow as a person. I give hope to the still suffering and I watch there lives transform right in front of my eyes. I get to watch the grace of god perform miracles. I am a miracle. I was a monster and a piece of crap! I hurt a lot of people, especially the ones closest to me. I destroyed their lives as well as my own. I'm so grateful I'm not that person anymore. There was a time when I never thought I would change. Today I can say that I am changed. The old is gone and the new has come! I know change is possible for anyone! I hope this post touches one of your lives and gives you hope! And if you need anything I am here for you! I'm sure I spelt something wrong, but I'm sure you get the point. Lol. I love my life today and I've been blessed beyond measure! 

Another client shared,

Thank you for changing my life forever. I have my family back, my driving privileges back, my career back and much more. In exchange I gave up my use, I gave up my fear and I gave up the negative feelings of my use.

Yet another shared,

I was totally against changing anything about myself when I began. Slowly I started to realize the staff at Lone Wolf Recovery was not forcing me to change. Rather, they held up a mirror and asked me to look at myself and then offered me help to change if that was what I wanted. I did not think I wanted it, but over time I started to think about the things that were shared during groups and started to use some of the things I was learning. Ill be damned if they didn't work. Because of the success I had, I started to see myself differently. The difference could be summed up in a change from seeing myself as someone who could not, to seeing myself as someone who could. The more positive results I had, the more willing I became to try new things. Not everything worked for me and I appreciated the fact that no one was trying to make me do everything. I was able to pick and choose what was right for me. I could not imagine going backwards at this point. I don't think I can unlearn the things I have learned. So, it would be impossible for me to fully return to fog I feel I was in before starting the process. So, my best advice is to give it a try. Start slow and test the waters. It worked for me and I know others it has worked for as well.