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Welcome to Lone Wolf Recovery, LLC

Welcome to Lone Wolf Recovery, LLC

Welcome to Lone Wolf Recovery, LLCWelcome to Lone Wolf Recovery, LLC

Our Story


Lone Wolf Recovery

I had always thought of myself as a lone wolf. I was strong and independent and I didn't need anyone else! As I began to learn more, I discovered that much like people wolves are social animals. I discovered that the lone wolf is usually alone for reason. It is usually because the wolf has somehow become detrimental to the pack, perhaps sick or mentally ill (or it is an adolescent trying to find its place in the world). The lone wolf is not alone by choice. In fact the lone wolf does not have very good odds of success. When the wolf is part of a pack and gets hurt the other wolves will care for it. It takes a pack to bring down big game like deer and antelope. The lone wolf's odds of survival are not very good. The lone wolf is forced to scavenge for what it can, barely surviving. Always running, always fighting.

So it turns out I was a lone wolf, but not for the reasons I thought I was. I was alone because I was a detriment to society. I hurt the people who loved me most, I hurt myself and I regularly broke the rules. I was mentally ill and therefore I was isolated out of the pack. 

Luckily for me, there were people there to help me recover. First I was accepted into a treatment center, then accepted into my support groups and finally accepted back into society at large. I was accepted back into the pack. So now that is what we tried to do at Lone Wolf Recovery, help the lone Wolf to recover and return to the pack.


We all need little help from time to time. Let Lone Wolf Recovery help you to once again become successful at life. The majority of our business comes from word of mouth. It is people who feel they have been helped by our program, sending their friends and families to us. That is how we measure success.