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Welcome to Lone Wolf Recovery, LLC

Welcome to Lone Wolf Recovery, LLC

Welcome to Lone Wolf Recovery, LLCWelcome to Lone Wolf Recovery, LLC

Treatment Programs


Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Groups meet Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 

Day group meets from 11 am to 2 pm 

Evening Group meets from 6 pm to 9 pm

Each person's program is individualized.

For a basic outline of a drop down program-

The first 5 weeks we meet 3 times a week

The next 5 weeks we meet 2 times a week

The final 5 weeks we meet 1 time a week.

Abuse Program

Abuse, rule out dependency program is a shorter program for those who may be borderline or unsure if they meet criteria for a full program. 

As a client in this program, you will introduced to common signs and symptoms of substance use disorders. You will have the opportunity to see where continued abuse of mood altering chemicals will lead. You also have the chance to become familiarized with recovery. This may enable you to get help before your problems get out of control.

Relapse Program

If you had some success with abstinence but then struggled, the Relapse program may be right for you. We offer Relapse Prevention strategies and skills to help reduce the risk of continued use. We help you examine what lead up to your relapse and examine how to prevent it from happening again.

ADAPT - Adolescent Program

We provide you with adolescent specific materials to help raise awareness of the problems associated with chemical use. Qualified staff members help you to take control back by providing with the opportunity to learn healthy coping skills and to improve decision making abilities.

DWI Program

Developed to help those with DWI and other legal issues who need more than just a class. You will be giving more detailed information about why people continue to get into situations where DWI's and other problems occur. You will also be provided tools to help avoid those situations in the future.